Getting down to the ROOT of ROOT:


It can be difficult to find fashion-forward accessories that are also Eco-friendly and affordable. ROOT is dedicated to bringing you the most fashionable watches, sunglasses and accessories so that you can look your best while helping the environment to regain its footing. Each product is beautifully handcrafted with style in mind so that they will last for a lifetime and make you look good in the process. These designs are the result of years of hard work, trying to achieve a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and helping out the environment. That's what makes our designs so unique and desirable by customers from all over the world.

The only way to keep looking cool is to help keep our planet being cool. The materials that are used to create these designs come from sources of sustainable wood, so nothing goes to waste, and deforestation is avoided in the creation process. Many of these natural wood materials include mahogany, zebra, maple, oak and ebony, providing a rich variety of different colors and textures that are suitable for any outfit. No two accessories will ever look the same, which may force you to make the difficult decision of which one to pick. Your accessories are also treated with a water-resistant layer so that they don't fade in the sun and won't wear out being exposed to the elements. They can keep looking their best for as long as you continue wearing them.

When it comes to sunglasses and shades, ROOT provides only the best for those who are interested in protecting their eyes on those bright, sunny days. Though they're not made of wood, these sunglasses are still made from all-natural products instead of non-renewable resources. These fashionable glasses are made from Italian Cellulose Acetate, which is a polymer made from cotton liners and wood pulp, so you can wear your shades guilt-free, since you won't be adding to carbon emissions and heating up the planet.

ROOT offers more than just sunglasses as well. There are also watches made from real wood that are not only stylish, but keep very accurate time. Customers can choose from Quartz Movement or Kinetic Energy models so they never miss a deadline or show up later. Each is enclosed in an elegant bamboo box, so it can be presented as a gift to that special someone.

Being conscientious about the environment while developing fashionable accessories is something ROOT strives towards in all of the products that are created. They can be cherished for years without damaging the environment even further, so it's the gift that keeps on giving. Sustainability, fashion and function can be found all in one place with ROOT - Eco-friendly fashion that you'll come to love.