Root: The Eco Friendly Fashion Brand That Makes You Feel And Look Good

Root: The Eco-Friendly Fashion Brand That Makes You Feel And Look Good

These days, it’s all about living a sustainable lifestyle. We now drive electric or hybrid cars, live in smaller homes and do everything we can to minimize our carbon footprint, including buying sustainable clothing and accessories. But not all Eco-friendly fashion is stylish, and ROOT is out to change that. Sustainable fashion is no longer considered for those living the “crunchy” life and is not fused with high fashion. As a different kind of fashion company, they provide unique designs with an Eco-friendly message and are dedicated to creating sustainable watches and sunglasses for those who like handcrafted products that are created to last.

The innovative company calls New Orleans home and uses only the finest products for all of their products. Their sunglasses are made from some of the finest woods on Earth, including Maple, Ebony and Mahogany. Currently, people can’t get enough of their Uptown collection, which features classic styling cues with a modern twist. The collection is available in either red mahogany or luxurious black, and the cool thing is that no two pairs of Uptown sunglasses will look the same! You’ll love how the varied wood gradients provide each pair a different look and feel, making you feel unique and stylish at the same time.

Besides fashionable sunglasses, ROOT also creates handcrafted timepieces that are like no other. These artisan wristwatches are seriously wooden works of art and feature wooden links and a wooden outer shell. You can get them in either a Kinetic Energy model or the industry popular Quartz movement. And not only will you get a timepiece that all will love and ask you about, but they also stand 100% behind their products.

The company also sells unique lapel pins and durable leather goods like pocket wallets and their popular Vintage Waterproof Backpack that features a vintage look and feel to them. As one of the hottest brands today, ROOT is always finding new ways to create products that people will love and use for years to come, while also taking into account the environment.

Trendy Look with Wood Sunglasses

Create a Trendy Look with Wood Sunglasses


Wood sunglasses are the latest trend in the fashion industry with many celebrities wearing to their events and thus showcasing this popular trend. The use of wood frames for sunglasses is actually not new, as it is only now that they have become popular. However, if you are a fun of sunglasses then you must get a pair of some nice wood framed glasses, and here are few reasons why you must do that:


Wood Sunglasses Reduce Environmental Impact


Nowadays, people are very concerned with environmental protection and looking for ways they can contribute to save the ecosystem. The greatest benefit of using wood sunglasses is that you are essentially reducing your environmental impact by going green. Unlike their metal and plastic frames counterparts, wood does not hurt the environment in any way. In contrast, during the process of manufacturing plastic and metal frames there is usually considerable environmental damage. In addition, when your metal or plastic frames get broken and cannot be repaired anymore, they will end up fill the landfills since they don’t decompose. Wood is beneficial in this regard as it will decompose, thus making it better for environmental protection.


Wide Variety of Wood Sunglasses Available


According to Root, which is a leading sunglasses company specializing in wood frames, the innovative design of creating fashionable pieces from simple wood is simply a great trend by itself. As more designers continue creating their own unique pieces from wood, then the market is poised to contain one of the largest varieties of wood frames.


If you check out right now, you can see for yourself the quality wide range of wood sunglasses currently available. Hence, people in search of trendy pieces can find many styles of eyewear on the Root website that is made using eco-friendly components. Those browsing the site will also realize that the wood eyewear is also available in a wider range of colors, wood type and styles. A few of the available options include oak, walnut, and mahogany.


Protect your Eyes with Sunglasses and Still Remain Trendy


If you have trouble with direct sunlight, particularly on hot summer days, then it is no question that you need an effective eyewear that protects you from sunlight. While you can still go for the traditional plastic eyewear, at Root we believe that your sunglasses should reflect your personality. So, go for the trend wood sunglasses and ensure you choose on that you are comfortable with and represent your style. Check out for the best deals in eco-friendly eyewear.

What are Eco friendly products?

We all want to look stylish, but at what cost. Manufacturer companies throw caution to the wind when it comes to production. In the push for a more Eco friendly world, the fashion industry needs to put the environment at the top of their priorities.


What is Eco Friendly Fashion?


There are essential elements to creating Eco friendly fashion. Making fashion wear out of renewable sources is top of the list. Synthetic fibers, plastics, and harmful chemicals are used in clothing and accessories.


In order for a manufacturer to reduce their carbon footprint, they must commit to finding renewable elements for their products. These elements should be plant based to minimize the effect on the environment.


How Does ROOT Create Watches and Glasses From Renewable Sources?


When it comes to sunglasses and watches, you might think there is no Eco friendly way of producing such products. This is why Root exists. We have a passion to outfit you in stylish trends without harming the environment.


The frames for our glasses are made from sustainably sourced wood. Bamboo, oak, mahogany and maple are a few of our favorite wood choices. We also use a plant based acetate for all our products. Our sunglasses are handcrafted and coated with a water protective layer.


Benefits of Buying Eco Friendly Fashion Wear


The environment always benefits when we create products from plant based items. When the fashion accessory or article of clothing is thrown away, the material breakdown in the landfills. Using this type of products saves our planet from so much waste.


Not only are there environmental benefits. For you as a consumer, you are purchasing a unique product that you can feel good about. Wood grains look different when processed. Each pair of glasses or watch will look like no other.


ROOT has built a business model that stays away from the cookie cutter manufacturing production of fashion accessories. We are committed to outfitting you in hand crafted products that fit your style.

Root Believes in Socially Responsible Style

Root sunglasses and watches are fashionable, beautiful, and each piece is as unique as you.  More importantly than the style, at least to the team here at Root, is everything we stand for.  We believe in small, sustainable artisan-centered business practices that make a difference to the world and to you. 

Eco-friendly and sustainable are trendy buzzwords today as consumers care more and more about taking care of the planet and keeping their environmental impact small.  At Root, we have been Eco-friendly since day one, not because it’s cool, but because we care about the Earth.  We take our mission to never harm the planet seriously, and it is at the core of everything we do.

All of our wood is sustainably harvested.  Our watches have more Eco-friendly wood parts than any other watches, and the unique grain patterns and subtle colors make every watch and every pair of glasses a one of a kind work of art.  In our glasses, we also include Italian Cellulose Acetate, another sustainable and beautiful material that elevates accessories to art.

Artisan-made is another rising trend that Root has always adhered to.  Our products are painstakingly designed and carefully crafted down to the last detail, from the wooden watch links to the hand engraved bamboo watch cases.  We care about people:  from our passionate designers to our discerning consumers.  Our commitment to the people making Root accessories shows in the details of our beautiful products.  We care about each other, and we care about you and your values.

Eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean unfashionably dated hippie styles, and artisan-made doesn’t have to mean expensive.  At Root, we believe in stylish and affordable luxury goods that look as good as they are good for the Earth.  Many people choose Root solely for the minimalistic and stylish beauty.  Sustainable style can be subtle and modern.  You don’t have to wear a “Save the Whales” shirt and sandals to promote Eco-conscious fashion.  At Root, we choose modern and stylish designs and simply make them with Eco-friendly materials, resulting in a product you can love on all levels.

We believe that it is important to look good and wear styles that you love and reflect who you are.  With our glasses and watches, you can have your fashion and feel good about it, too.  It’s a simple mission, really.  We believe in protecting the planet, respecting our team, and keeping you stylish.  Our modern, yet timeless heirloom quality designs, do all of that and more.

Being Green with Fashion

It can be difficult to find fashion-forward accessories that are also Eco-friendly and affordable. ROOT is dedicated to bringing you the most fashionable watches, sunglasses and accessories so that you can look your best while helping the environment to regain its footing. Each product is beautifully handcrafted with style in mind so that they will last for a lifetime and make you look good in the process. These designs are the result of years of hard work, trying to achieve a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and helping out the environment. That's what makes our designs so unique and desirable by customers from all over the world.


The only way to keep looking cool is to help keep our planet being cool. The materials that are used to create these designs come from sources of sustainable wood, so nothing goes to waste, and deforestation is avoided in the creation process. Many of these natural wood materials include mahogany, zebra, maple, oak and ebony, providing a rich variety of different colors and textures that are suitable for any outfit. No two accessories will ever look the same, which may force you to make the difficult decision of which one to pick. Your accessories are also treated with a water-resistant layer so that they don't fade in the sun and won't wear out being exposed to the elements. They can keep looking their best for as long as you continue wearing them.


When it comes to sunglasses and shades, ROOT provides only the best for those who are interested in protecting their eyes on those bright, sunny days. Though they're not made of wood, these sunglasses are still made from all-natural products instead of non-renewable resources. These fashionable glasses are made from Italian Cellulose Acetate, which is a polymer made from cotton liners and wood pulp, so you can wear your shades guilt-free, since you won't be adding to carbon emissions and heating up the planet.


ROOT offers more than just sunglasses as well. There are also watches made from real wood that are not only stylish, but keep very accurate time. Customers can choose from Quartz Movement or Kinetic Energy models so they never miss a deadline or show up later. Each is enclosed in an elegant bamboo box, so it can be presented as a gift to that special someone.


Being conscientious about the environment while developing fashionable accessories is something ROOT strives towards in all of the products that are created. They can be cherished for years without damaging the environment even further, so it's the gift that keeps on giving. Sustainability, fashion and function can be found all in one place with ROOT - Eco-friendly fashion that you'll come to love.